iWhite Interdental whitener

To eliminate interdental stains and plaque

The iWhite Interdental Whitener is an innovative interdental whitening device loaded with teeth whitening actives to eliminate staining and to whiten the interdental spaces effectively. The iWhite Interdental Whitener touches places that the toothbrush or mouthwash can’t reach and can be used on a daily base.

The formula is based on the whitening3- technology:

Action 1: Physical whitening

The delivery device is therapeutically coated with small cleaning particles which will physically eliminate the interdental staining.

Action 2: Active whitening

Active whitening based on PAPPAP is a new whitening action substance for effective and deep whitening of the teeth and is absolutely safe for tooth enamel and gums. PAP also inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth, giving plaque no chance.

Action 3: Optical whitening

The optical whitener, blue covarine, alters the way in which light reflects on and between the teeth, giving a visibly whiter appearance immediately.