iWhite Dark Stains Toothbrush

The toothbrush which helps to remove coffee, tea, tobacco and wine stains.

  • With Dark Pigment Adsorption Technology
  • Removes dental plaque & stains
  • Restores the natural whiteness of the teeth

The iWhite Dark Stains toothbrush has unique soft dental bristles which are loaded with the Dark Pigment Adsorption Technology. This technology is based on the presence of specially selected charcoal particles. These particles are known for their natural whitening and strong adsorbing qualities, and hereby help your teeth to stay cleaner and whiter.

Unlike ordinary toothbrushes that simply scrape your teeth to remove plaque, iWhite Dark Stains toothbrush has extra features to fight stains from coffee, tea, tobacco and wine. The unique structure of charcoal gives it the ability to adsorb staining particles, to eliminate odour-causing compounds and to regulate the humidity of the surface of the filament which prevents harmful bacteria from growing within the brush itself.The toothbrush is designed with an ergonomic handle, improving accuracy and comfort during brushing, and with a small head to reach interdental areas easily.

iWhite Dark Stains Toothbrush is the perfect partner for everyday whitening and dental care. Use the toothbrush in combination with the iWhite Dark Stains Toothpaste and the iWhite Dark Stains Teeth Whitening kit for long lasting whitening results.

Content: 1 iWhite Dark Stains toothbrush + 1 protection cap

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months.