Herpatch Cold Sore Prevention

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The first lip balm that helps prevent fever blisters.

Herpatch Cold Sore Prevention provides a protective layer to keep lips hydrated and protected from external exposure. Specially developed to prevent fever blisters, it contains a high sun protection factor (SPF 30), for an optimal sun protection. This powerful UV protection will help to protect the lips from the drying effect of the sun, wind and cold weather, the well-known triggers for cold sore outbreaks.

Thanks to its super-nourishing formula with natural waxes and aloe vera, Herpatch Cold Sore Prevention soothes, moisturizes and revitalizes sensitive and damaged lips, but also provides long lasting relief. When applied regularly, it will help reduce the number of outbreaks.

Handy to carry with you, Herpatch Cold Sore Prevention is easy to use, fast and efficient in the prevention of fever blisters.