About us


Sylphar is a manufacturer of medical aids and cosmetic products and started in 2008 as a spin-off from a publicly listed dental company. Our focus is on bringing out innovative, consumer friendly products that stand out because of their revolutionary application methods. It is our mission to bring out three new products and/or additions every year in order to stimulate our growth.

At present we are bringing out various products worldwide through very motivated, local distribution partners. You can find our products in the following domains:

Oral beauty: the leading brand iWhite offers teeth whitening products.

Oral therapeutics: our brands Herpatch and After don't give cold sores and ulcers a chance. Our latest product within this domain is Shur Healthy Breath. Shur Healthy Breath is the solution for bad breath.

Medicated skincare: the innovative Remescar range offers solutions for specific skin conditions like bags and dark circles under the eyes, spiderveins and scars.

Our products are available at your local pharmacy or online at www.iwhiteinstant.com (iWhite for Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Great Britain) or www.sylphar.com (International: iWhite, Remescar, Herpatch and After).

Quality control

A specialised product development team guarantees continual product innovation in line with the specific needs of the consumer. Strict quality controls, according to ISO 13485 standards and ISO 22716, guarantee that our products are of a consistently high quality and comply with the Guidelines for medical aids and cosmetic legislation. We are also registered with the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAGG) and are also inspected as manufacturer of medical aids. All research and development take place in regulated, high quality surroundings at our headquarters in Deurle, Belgium.

Ons team

Product development director/Quality management representative
Head of sales
Regulatory affairs manager
Quality control manager
Chemical engineer
Head of Innovation
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Facility manager
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